The Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) has serious problems with the stabilizer

The Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) is a device that we liked a lot, but that is far from perfect for its high price.

One of the reasons that Samsung wants to highlight this mobile is by including the same camera sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S6, although this does not mean that the camera is exactly the same. After testing it thoroughly, users have detected serious stabilization problems, so let’s tell you everything.
For starters, we got our hands on our heads when we saw that this year’s A5 is unable to record at 1080 60 FPS, something that half worth devices can do. It goes without saying that, of course, you can not record video to 4K either.

All that is left is the stabilizer, since the other aspects fail, although the image quality is good. The problem is that the A5 2017 does not directly stabilize anything. There are better stabilizers and worse, but in case this device does not seem to act.

The videos come out extremely moved, and the companions of PhoneArena corroborate us. The comparison is against the Galaxy S7, a mobile of a much higher range. However, the A5 2017 should stabilize much better, as this section is a clear suspense.

We already saw that the Galaxy A5 2017 had problems when focusing the selfies, this, added to the problem with the stabilizer gives us a rather unpleasant result. We hope that with future Samsung updates will fix the camera problems of A5, as it is a rather expensive device that does not deserve these defects.


  1. Camera is useless. It is a middle range phone but my old phone Samsung S2 can focus better than A5 (2017) when I am in motion. Hey, Samsung engineers, people need to make decent photos and movie’s even if their hands trembled a little. Why I need to make 10 blurred photos per second, when I can make one focused good photo per second like old Samsung S2? I suppose it is a software problem, and will be fixed on future update because I will never buy a Samsung S8 only to have possibility to make decent pictures.


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