The Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Will not Protrude from the Rear

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rear Camera

There is hardly a day in which there is no new details about the Samsung Galaxy S8, the future flagship of the firm will arrive this year a little later than normal, and that will have more
news than ever. Now we have known new details about the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which could differ from that of its predecessors is a subtle aspect, but that will certainly influence the appearance of the rear of the phone.

As we say, the closer the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in, the more leaks come to our ears, like the last one, which points out that the new Korean terminal could have a fourth physical button, intended to invoke the Use of your Bixby virtual assistant.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 camera will be fully integrated

One of the most recognizable features of the latest flagship of Samsung has been undoubtedly the rear camera sticking out of the body more than a millimeter. Thanks to a post in a Chinese social network, we have known a new information, where they have hung an image that shows the evolution of this aspect in the last generations of the flagship of Samsung. While the last two generations stood out from the rear of the terminal, in this case the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be fully integrated into the back of the phone.

As is often the case, you should be very careful with such a leak, since with a simple photo retouching you can easily delete that part that protrudes from the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera. In any case it is a feature more than possible of this new model of Samsung, that certainly could adopt this change getting significant weight loss of the terminal.

From Samsung Galaxy S8 we expect a design with a larger screen, which will dispense the capacitive buttons and replace them with other 3D Touch. In fact two versions are expected, one of 5.7 inches and another of 6 inches that will occupy less space than the traditional phone due to this aspect of its design. In any case, there are just over two months to officially know their characteristics, which will undoubtedly be the more advanced than that we see now.


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