The Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera will Protrude 1.3 mm from the Phone

samsung galaxy s8 camera

It is clear from the image that Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera will Protrude 1.3 mm from the Phone. It may also interest you that Samsung confirms that we will not see the Galaxy S8 in the MWC 17.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 camera is already 0.7 mm and annoying – very little, but it shows. The Galaxy S8 would have a bump with a thickness of more than double as we can see in estimates made.

We no longer talk about it being uncomfortable or not, but those who do not use a case will be even more exposed to scratches. In the image we can see the evolution of this bump from the Samsung Galaxy S6 to the possible Samsung Galaxy S8, happening of course by the Samsung Galaxy S7. Although the latest terminal, the Galaxy S8

A more powerful camera or thinner terminal?
The change in this bump could be motivated by two main reasons: a decrease in the thickness of the terminal or an increase in the power of the camera. The two options could be totally valid, but personally we prefer the first option, the thickness, because other rumors such as the fact that the mini jack is eliminated are oriented in that direction.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has a thickness of 7.7 mm, something very optimum and that is not at all uncomfortable. Reducing that amount will only make the phone more expensive and elements such as the battery have to be over-optimized in both hardware and software. The only good thing I see in the reduction of thickness is that the final weight of the device goes down, although this depends on many other things.


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