The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with Google Play Music integrated as a musical platform

google play music

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the mobile of the moment. With its availability in the market, the flagship of the South Korean company is the target of many users. Something curious is the musical platform that comes installed is Google Play Music.

Samsung launched its own streaming music platform, as many other companies thought they could compete with Spotify. But none of them did, except those who really had the ability to compete, such as Google Play Music and Apple Music. Samsung’s platform closed. The funny thing is that the Samsung Galaxy S8 now comes with Google Play Music as the music platform installed on the smartphone series, which is something remarkable considering that Samsung could have chosen other platforms, but has decided to opt for Google.

It is not clear why Samsung decided to opt for Google Play Music as the music platform that is preinstalled on your smartphone. However, the truth is that it could be for two main keys. One of them is that Samsung does not want Spotify to have even more dominance in the market for streaming music platforms. The other reason is that this move may be part of Samsung’s strategy to establish a close relationship with Google.

In fact, users who buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a three-month free subscription to the premium version of the platform. Only if they have don’t have a similar offer of Google Play Music with which they had created their account, they can opt for this gift that comes from Samsung and Google. The point is that Google Play Music becomes both the music playback application and the streaming music service that arrives on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


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