The Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner will be used for banking transactions

Samsung Galaxy s8 iris scanner

We already knew all the features of Samsung Galaxy S8 long ago, and one of the most outstanding was its facial recognition and an iris scanner that already incorporated in Note 7. Today, we know that the scanner of the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be used for banking transactions, which allows us to give more uses to this security system.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has very little weaknesses and is proclaimed as the best smartphone of the moment without a doubt. Today, we will see new function that can reach the Samsung mobiles with iris scanner in the coming months, if these rumors are true.

The Galaxy S8 could be said to be the safest mobile phone available at the moment. It has, apart from the fingerprint sensor, the iris scanner and facial recognition. It is true that the latter has been present on Android for a long time, but it’s the first time that a manufacturer has bet so much on it. Undoubtedly, it can be used in day to day life without any problem.

There have been some videos on the Internet showing that the iris scanner may not be as safe as it looks, as they put a photo in front of the iris scanner and it was unlocked. This is going to be fixed slowly and steadily to be as safe as possible and cannot be unlocked by doing that kind of trap. Samsung already has plans for the iris scanner of Galaxy S8, since according to the last rumors it would begin using it for authentic banking transactions.

This method would be implemented first in Samsung Pay, making it possible to pay with the fingerprint or with the iris scanner. This is something that will still be tested rigorously and that will first arrive in Korea. Samsung will see if this method of authenticating payments can be standardized as the way to use Samsung Pay. Then we will see if this method can really be 100% safe for all kinds of movements, as well as unlocks the terminal without any problems, something that we do not think that Samsung may take a long time to perfect.


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