The Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini is not under development

Samsung Galaxy S8 mini

It’s been five days since Samsung showed the world the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. At the moment, fans of the South Korean technology giant are happy with the phone duo, but this pair would be close to receiving a third in disagreement. So it seems, since with the weekend being a thing of the past, today we have known new details of the smartphone.

While we expect the landing of Samsung Galaxy S8 in our country, which will take place on April 21. Now the eyes are placed on that supposed Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini that could be marketed in emerging markets and that would reach the market in the coming months, if everything goes its natural course.

Last week a new rumor surfaced about the possibility of the Korean manufacturer launching a Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini. The smaller variant of a flagship model of the brand has been a tradition for Samsung, although neither the Samsung Galaxy S6 nor the Samsung Galaxy S7 boasted of this variant. It does not seem that with the Samsung Galaxy S8 will change this strategy as the appearance of this alleged Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini was on the April Fool’s Day, it could turn out to be a joke.

Although last week we echoed the possible arrival of a Samsung Galaxy S8 mini, we already questioned both the images shown by PhoneRadar, as well as the possibility that this smartphone return to the catalog of Samsung after leaving it with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Then we indicated that the photographs shown were a montage made with Photoshop where the larger phone was the same Samsung Galaxy S8 only with the altered dimensions. Now the same article from PhoneRadar contains an update that ensures that the news of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini was no more than, as we suspected, the April Fool’s Day joke.

This confirms that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not under development, nor is it expected. The company has only recently launched a standard version of its flagship with a larger variant (or curved display) and does not appear to be the year in which the Korean firm will change its strategy. That yes, what if we will see with complete security at the end of the year will be the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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