The Samsung Galaxy S8 screen is crowned the best in the market

Samsumg Galaxy S8 012

Once again, DisplayMate has released its verdict on one of the tests that are repeated year after year, just after the launch of outstanding smartphones as is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8. This time, the South Koreans are again rising to the top of the table since the experts of the organization, after their relevant laboratory tests, have determined that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best in the market, surpassing in some points to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Last year Samsung was able to place the screens of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Samsung Galaxy Note 7 as the best available in the market, both for image quality and for many other factors such as consumption, brightness level and reflectance. Once again, the company shows that its Samsung Display division as well as the Super AMOLED technology of the panels that equip their smartphones are the most advanced in the segment.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 screen, review

DisplayMate’s testing lab had an exceptional guest, the Samsung Galaxy S8. Experts in display panels have carried out their tests to determine the quality of the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the results can not be more positive. Samsung returns to make its flagship bears as the best available display on the market.

This determination starts from some of the points of the analysis, such as the high level of maximum brightness, which reaches in the model analyzed the 1020 nits. However, the final conclusion of DisplayMate is based on many other technical factors such as the wide range of RGB colors (+ 142%) and, above all, 113% of the standard DCi-P3, a fact that DisplayMate praise because of the difficulty it entails.

Higher image quality, lower consumption

Not only that, but to achieve such a wide range of colors, the necessary implementations at the hardware level implies an increase in energy consumption. However, the measurements indicate that the screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 does not increase such consumption compared to the screen of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. This necessarily implies an optimization of consumption given this technical improvement.

In short, the improvements introduced on the screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 puts the Samsung smartphone as the one with the highest quality screen and performance within the industry. You can check in detail the tests carried out and results of DisplayMate on their official website.


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