The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be Unveiled on March 29, According to the Latest Leak

samsung galaxy 8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is probably one of the most anticipated phones of 2017. How could it be less, the leaks have not ceased around this authentic top of the range, which has a legacy very difficult to improve because of its predecessor. Either way, the filtered information augurs a spectacular terminal, and there is much less to see it officially.

If there was any detail to filter on the much anticipated smartphone, it was the date of presentation of the expected Samsung Galaxy S8. The Korean manufacturer has us accustomed to unveil its most top terminals in the MWC every year. However, it seems that this year Samsung want to do it in a different way, so it will present it at an event of its own.

Will we see the Samsung Galaxy S8 on March 29th? Unfortunately and as we said a few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not surprise us with its presence at MWC 2017 in Barcelona. For reasons of its own, Samsung would have decided to hold its own “event” to present the expected top of the range.

Without going further, this means that we will have to wait about a month longer than normal to see the Samsung Galaxy S8 officially. Specifically, the date chosen to unveil the Korean flagship would be March 29, date we have been able to know through it has reached the ears of The Android Soul.

The filtration originates with the user of Twitter @ Ricciolo1, which through a tweet has stated that Samsung will organize an event that will be given simultaneously in several cities of the planet. It seems that the hype that is lifting the Samsung Galaxy S8 is justified, or so the Korean manufacturer thinks so.

And is that Samsung has created around its future flagship a huge marketing campaign with which aims to reach all corners of the world. The firm hopes to recover the investment with its new devices, which presumably will have a market price of $849.


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