The Spotify mobile app tests a new contextual menu


Spotify is undoubtedly the reference streaming music platform and is responsible for the change in our music consumption habits in recent years. Its one of the mobile application that is used by millions of users around the world, thanks to the large catalog of artists and songs allows us to reproduce from millions of titles. Well, it seems that changes are coming in the mobile application of Spotify, that is what follows from a series of tests that are carried out the platform.

One of the most outstanding news that has generated in the last weeks was Spotify’s integration with the social application Waze for drivers, something we knew just ten days ago and it allows us to play music in the car.

As we have known today some users, both the stable and beta version have received invites for the testing of the streaming platform. The change is mainly aesthetic, but it occurs in one of the menus most used by the users of the application, since it is the contextual menu that accompanies the reproductions of songs.


This menu is traditionally used to add a song to a particular track, start a song and countless functions related to the track that we are currently listening to. This menu continues to unfold by pressing the three vertical dots on the right side of the screen, next to the playback controls. Before, each option was accompanied by a descriptive icon of its use and all these options could be seen on screen at one time. Now the new context menu that the mobile application Spotify is testing shows us all these options with a lot larger size, with no icons and in a sliding menu.

Spotify new menu1

Now when we deploy it we only see four options, and to see the rest we must swipe up to show the rest of the menu. This way there are now some options that are less accessible at a first glance, something that does not end up fitting into the philosophy of improvement. In any case we will still have to wait to see something definite in the stable application, because the changes has indistinctly received to some lucky beta and stable version users only.


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