The Successor to Sony Xperia XZ Filters in Images for the First Time

A new filter reveals the Sony Xperia XZ2 for the first time. Sony is not one of the best technology companies of the moment, at least in the field of smartphones, and its sales results in this area do not lie. However, the Japanese firm continues betting on this sector and presenting devices from time to time.

One of these smartphones that plans to unveil soon Sony is the successor to the Xperia XZ, launched in October last year. This is not the first time we have heard of this promising terminal, and a few weeks ago the first rumor arose, which left us a very good taste.

This would be the aspect of the successor of Sony Xperia XZ

If a few weeks ago leaked information about the successor of Sony Xperia XZ, today we have been able to see this device for the first time in real images, which we will call Xperia XZ2 in the absence of an official name. According to the source, the Sony Xperia XZ2 would presumably be located in the lower right corner of the photograph.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to discern the screen size of the alleged Xperia XZ2, mainly due to the angle at which the photograph is taken. In any case, it is unlikely that Sony will move away from the 5.2 inches of its predecessor, since it is a territory that borders on the phablet.

As far as internal specifications are concerned everything seems to indicate that the device increases the amount of RAM from 3 to 4 GB. In addition to the model with 4 GB of RAM, there could also be another variant with 6 GB RAM.

The alleged Sony Xperia XZ2 would be loaded with the latest in all other hardware. According to the latest rumors, the processor used for the system would be the Snapdragon 835, while the screen will presumably enjoy a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels.

If the leaked data about the successor to Sony Xperia XZ is confirmed, this would indicate that the Japanese company wants to recover its share of the pie in the business of smartphones. Unfortunately, at least for the moment, it is only waiting for more information to emerge on this interesting device


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