The web version of Whatsapp will also include the new status feature

whatsapp web

A few users at the present likes the new status of WhatsApp. In fact the company, aware of the error of having changed the old status by this new function has already updated the app returning the classic status of WhatsApp after checking the numerous complaints made by users regarding the latest changes.

The new WhatsApp status was inherited from Snapchat and Instagram. The Facebook-owned app has received a litany of unfavorable reviews over the past months, dropping its average rating in the period between January 22 and March 21 to a measly 3.4 – almost one point lower than the average of all time.

However, those responsible for the app remain committed to sneak the new status of WhatsApp, to a point of enabling the feature soon in the web version of the instant messaging application, as the @WABetaInfo twitter advances.

New WhatsApp status on WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp has good things, and things that are less good. Among the positive things of the application we can find the use of emojis as whatsapp has expanded its catalog of emojis. In the less good part we are dedicated to copying functions from other applications such as Instagram Stories and Snapchat features.

Even so, there are a number of users who use the new status of WhatsApp. Now users using the web version of whatsapp can also utilize this new status feature, without needing to use the smartphone for it.

It remains to be seen whether bringing the new WhatsApp status to the web and desktop version will end up increasing acceptance of this new feature or not.


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