The Xiaomi Mi 6 comes tomorrow, what do we ask of it?

Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone

If we talk about Xiaomi, surely cheap and mid-range smartphones comes to mind, a niche in which Xiaomi is one of the best manufacturers in the world. However, it is in the high range where it fails to live up to either the traditional manufacturers or emerging companies like OnePlus.

Tomorrow, the Chinese company will present the Xiaomi Mi 6, and the question that comes to mind is what do we expect from it? Will it be up to the flagship of other companies?

Last year Xiaomi introduced the Mi5 during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and this, has been one of the best phones that the company has launched in its history, but without getting to live up to others like the LG G5 or the Samsung Galaxy S7.

So far this year, we have seen how competition in the high-end has risen, especially in design, something that can greatly complicate Xiaomi’s high-end performance in the market this year.

A camera to match

The most necessary aspect that Xiaomi has to improve in its flagship is undoubtedly the camra. If we look back, we can see that this is the section where most users notice the difference between a Xiaomi and a Samsung, LG or Huawei high-end.

Although the high range of Xiaomi usually has good sensors, the processing of the image is not always the best, that’s why, at the moment in low light, we begin to see excessive noise. Although to this type of problems everybody forgives because of the product has low price. Something that Xiaomi must end if it really wants to take users from the big manufacturers, something that could be achieved with the double camera that Xiaomi could incorporate.

A useful design

Earlier we told you that this year we can see many changes in the design of its competitors. It’s no secret: the trend right now is to reduce the frames on the screen. Although this seems very useful and futuristic, if these lines of design are not implemented well, they can be a martyrdom in the daily use of the smartphone.

So here, what we ask of Xiaomi is, whatever it does, just do it well. If they decide to reduce the frames of the screen, the appropriate would be a style like the one we have seen in the LG G6 or the Samsung Galaxy S8, and not as we saw in the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

Improvements in MIUI

Its another important point that the Chinese company should touch is its personalization layer. Those of us who are Xiaomi users are aware that it is an intrusive layer, but has pretty useful additions. But personally, I miss some more modifications like the ability to respond from the notification bar, in addition to the typical improvements in performance and battery.

Good battery

Autonomy could be Xiaomi’s asset to buy the Mi 6. This is because the flagships of traditional companies usually include a screen at 2K resolution, while Xiaomi, so far, has opted for Full HD for its phones.

This decision, along with a good amount of battery and a good optimization, would no doubt make many users to consider their purchase.

No more ultrasonic readers

Finally, we hope that Xiaomi gets rid of the ultrasonic readers that it incorporated in the Mi 5 and the Mi 5 Plus and equips their phones with normal readers, as it did in the Mi Note 2. The Xiaomi users know that this type of ultrasonic sensors do not give a result as fluid as traditional readers.


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