The Xiaomi Mi 6 Will Be Extremely Resistant To Scratches


Xiaomi has managed to distant itself from the most important companies in the world in terms of device sales. In short, one of the best qualities of the Chinese firm is its relentless effort to offer inexpensive terminals without skimping on specifications. This is something that has been demonstrated during the last years.

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The latest example of this could be the next flagship of the company, the expected Xiaomi Mi 6. Much has already been said about this terminal, however until yesterdat we did not know the material to be used for the manufacture of the smartphone. Xiaomi chooses ceramics for its next flagship.

What will not be easy is scratch the terminal, and that the top of the range terminal will boast a body made of ceramic, similar to the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which will make it extremely resistant.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is neither, nor will be the first smartphone to be manufactured in this type of material. However, it seems that the Asian firm has learned from the manufacturing process of the Xiaomi Mi Mix and has chosen to extrapolate it to its authentic flagship, the Mi 6.

Unfortunately, as in everything, there is a bad side. As a ceramic made object becomes more scratch resistant, it also increases its chance of breaking. This is something that we have already seen in various tests with the Xiaomi Mi Mix, which in spite of its spectacular design, suffers a lot when precipitating against a surface from a certain height.

However, it is likely that Xiaomi will include a top of the range protective case. In this way, in addition to enjoying an extraordinary aesthetic, you will not have to worry about scratches or scratches.


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