The Xiaomi Mi Max 2 screen may be smaller than expected

Xiaomi mi Max 2

Recently, we saw the first image taken in theory with the camera of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2. This confirmed the resolution of its sensor. Now new information has surfaced which points to a significant change in the screen of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 that could reduce its size compared to the original model that had a panel of 6.4 inches.

The camera of Xiaomi Mi Max 2 will reduce its resolution to 12 megapixels, all thanks to the metadata of the alleged first image taken with the mobile screened recently. Now we know that the resolution of the camera is not the only that will be reduced in this new generation.

The screen of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 will remain large, but not so much

Last year, many people thought the screen size of the Xioami Mi Max, which was no less than 6.4 inches, turned into a mobile that sits between the thin line of a mobile phone and a tablet. Well, the new information that has appeared suggests that the screen of the Xiaomi Mi Max 2 could reduce its size up to 6 inches. Undoubtedly a much more widespread size in the range of its competitors and above all it will make this mobile much more manageable for the majority of its potential users.

As for the other characteristics we already have formed somewhat idea of what could be expected from this new mobile. On the one hand the new and powerful mid-range processor Snapdragon 660, which would arrive along with 4GB RAM, so it would become one of the most powerful smartphone in its category. Moving on to other details, it is expected that Xiaomi Mi Max 2 does not follow the path of Xiaomi Mi6 and retain the connector minijack that increasingly has more detractors among mobile manufacturers.

The launch date from these rumors continues to point towards the month of May, so in the coming weeks we should officially know all the details about this expected mobile. Everything seems to indicate that this year the new Xiaomi Mi Max 2 will be a more powerful and manageable mobile. However, it will not give up a big screen but let’s not fool ourselves; 6 inches are still a considerable size screen. We will find out soon enough if this month of May is the chosen one to present this new generation or not.


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