The Year of the Rooster event in ‘Overwatch’ comes to an end

This new event to celebrate the Year of the Rooster has come with the things that Blizzard has accustomed us like a
lot of aspects, some full of controversy like those of Mei and others that scared us just by seeing them, as the mask of Ana which may appear in the nightmares of more than one player.

The event also brought us its peculiar version of Take the Flag, the fight that at first Blizzard had not planned to leave inside the game, but thanks to the good reception of the players, will return to the game within the new personalized games.

At the moment, the end of this event does not have a specific time, so if you are one of those who waited long before buying the aspects or gestures that are missing, you may still have the opportunity to enter and leave your money, virtual or real, before the event ends.

If the event had already ended before you read this news, we hope that you had the given time to get what you were interested in, if not more luck for the next.

Something that will remain after the event will be the changes to Shadow, and Ana, as well as the new hook Roadhogg which will receive even more changes.


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