The Year of the Rooster Event is Now Available on ‘Overwatch’

Year of the Rooster Event

Continuing with tradition, Blizzard has launched its event to celebrate the lunar new year, offering players new content that can only be achieved during the course of this event, as well as a new fight to offer more variety when it comes to playing.


With this event, new aspects have arrived, intros for our outstanding plays, gestures and more options to customize our characters. Much of this content has already filtered, but here we leave you a list with of which characters will receive new thematic content:

Legendary Aspects (3000 credits): D.Va, Reinhardt, Roadhogg, Winston and Zenyatta. Mei will have two legendary aspects, the one that presented us Blizzard in the announcement of the event and a recolor of that same aspect.
Epic Aspects (750 credits): Ana, Bastion, Junkrat, Mercy, Symmetra and Tracer.
Gestures (750 credits): D.Va, Junkrat and Mei.
Victory Poses (225 credits): Ana, Bastion, D.Va, Junkrat, Mei, Roadhogg and Shadow.
Highlights (750 credits): Mercy, Roadhogg and Tracer.

As added to this, all characters will receive a graffiti and a phrase.

The new fight that will arrive with this event will be a take the flag under the name Captura al Gallo and will take place in a modified version of Lijiang Tower.

In this mode we must defend our flag and try to take that of the rival team to our point of delivery. Unlike other similar modes seen in other games, in this we will not have to have our flag in the base to deliver the rival. To balance this, the flag will not be collected instantaneously, we will have to stay a few seconds next to the flag without receiving damage. Thanks to this, most battles will be produced around the flags.

With this event, the changes have also come for Ana, D.Va, Roadhogg and Shadow, which Blizzard has been testing on its public test server.


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