These are some of the functions that will be added to Pokémon GO

There is no denying that Pokémon GO is no longer as popular as it once was. However, that does not mean that Niantic is going to abandon its very profitable project. As proof of this we have recent statements from John Hanke, general manager of the study, who spoke a little bit about what is on the way to Pokémon GO.

In an interview with Waypoint, Hanke stated that Pokémon GO exceeded its expectations regarding the potential of games that go beyond a screen. Thus, the intent of the study is to build novelties about things that reward playing cooperatively, and to create available experiences that offer more depth than the mechanics of capturing.

According to Hanke, these options will come soon while Niantic continues to work on more complete versions. He also said that the company plans to create events on a global scale that many users have already organized.

Later, the CEO of Niantic reiterated that options such as exchange of Pokemon’s and battles between coaches are still on the way. That’s not all, as he also explained that if the development team would not had to fix problems of servers and bugs of Pokémon GO in its first months, some of those expected characteristics would already be available.

Hanke said:

“It will be done soon. Things are as they are. There remains the massive wave of excitement that we enjoy, and I face the fact that bugs and server problems caused us to take a little longer to launch the rest of the features. It makes us very happy to make our users happy.”

In related information, last week it started a Valentine’s Day event for Pokémon GO, which will come to an end on February 15. On the other hand, Nintendo company discusses the possibility of launching a more secure version of the Pokémon GO Plus. Pokémon GO game is available for both iOS and Android devices.


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