These are the 5 Moto Mods Created by the Community That Will Soon Become Reality

Lenovo is focusing its efforts on promoting and popularizing its Moto Mods, the different modules compatible with the Moto Z terminal line, which offer the possibility to improve the technical aspects of the terminal in question.

Last week we brought you two creations carried out by the community that had already become a reality. The first of these was a simple housing that could integrate wireless charging and an infrared sensor to the Moto Z, and the second and most surprising, was able to incorporate charge by sunlight to the modular devices of Lenovo.

And now, after finishing the hackaton where the community could show their inventions for their approval by Lenovo, the company has published in its official blog the 5 creations that could very soon become a reality.

These 5 Moto Mods are intended to change the way you use your Moto Z:

Lenovo has already held up to 4 of these events, where more than 100 developers from around the world decided to present their bets. For the firm, these are the 5 best:

Baby Care

The creator, Gabriel Lucas of Buenos Aires, defines this Moto Mod as a system that offers automatic alerts which is ideal for a young child. Thanks to this module we will be able to know if the temperature of a certain place is too cold or hot, or if it is perfect for the smallest in the house. All this in real time.

Moto Color

One of the advantages of Moto Mods is that they can be used to help those who suffer from some type of disability. With Moto Color, those people who have a problem related to vision, can easily know the colors of any object.

The module will emit a sound depending on whether the analyzed color is red, blue or green, or it will emit a vibration with a different duration and intensity depending on the color.

Solar Power Battery Charger

We already told you in more detail the operation of this module a few days ago. Its mechanics, as its name indicates, is based on transforming captured sunlight with its panels, into energy to charge the battery of the smartphone.

According to its creator, Ivan Milutimovac, of San Francisco, this module through its wireless charging based on sunlight, would be able to charge the phone from 0 to 100 in 10 hours.

Simple Syrup

Another of the most useful creations presented at this event is Simple Syrup. Its function is to analyze the amount of glucose in the blood. In this way, its creators intend that the diabetics can avoid having to always carry on the instruments necessary to perform this type measurements.


Of course, Moto Mods can also be useful in other situations. The ModCoholic will measure our blood alcohol level, and will automatically analyze if it is below or beyond the limits of legality. In the latter case, the gadget itself will ask us if we want a taxi.

There is no doubt that the possibilities with Moto Mods are practically unlimited. In addition, from here we are happy to know that Lenovo has decided to bet strongly on this modular concept, supporting the different developers who want to make the Moto Z a much more complete device even though it has been almost a year since its launch.


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