These are the methods that Windows will use to gain ground on Android

nokia lumia 2520 windows tablet

We all know that Android is the most used operating system in the world. It is also well known that its two immediate competitors, iOS and Windows, are still far from achieving the implementation of green robot software. However, Microsoft would be making considerable efforts to consolidate its platform after the ups and downs suffered with the latest versions with a view to overcoming the 1.5 billion terminals with the interface of the Redmond in just a couple of years.

The following points might be enough for Windows to continue to grow rather slowly but still at a constant pace

1. More updates

In Android we are witnessing the release of a new version every year. In order to gain some speed, Redmond would be considering launching two upgrades on their platform every twelve months. This would not be impulsive, but would be made on very specific dates and would be announced well in advance so that users could adapt their terminals. However, this can have a cost: Fragmentation, which for some time, is also one of the weights that the green robot interface has.

2. Towards greater efficiency

Autonomy remains a task to be resolved and there is no distinction between manufacturers and models. We have previously echoed a number of features we would see in Windows 10 Redstone that would focus on getting more out of the battery. Through Power Throttling, it would be possible to choose when the terminal should work at full power and in which the pace can go more relaxed.

3. More devices

When talking about hybrid tablets we have commented that the option chosen by almost all manufacturers who dare with this format is Windows. Consumption trends indicate that in the coming years, these models will play a leading role and will further diminish the importance of conventional models. To this we must add the fact that Android, for many, has not yet managed to fully reach the professional audiences. Surface Pro 5 could be the spearhead of a new generation of terminals.

There is still a long way for Microsoft’s platform to consolidate as a benchmark and get a bigger share.


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