‘Thimbleweed Park’ has a release date

Thimbleweed Part release date

Terrible Toybox has announced a special date in which we can enjoy ‘Thimbleweed Park’, the new work of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the minds behind the historic graphic adventure ‘Maniac Mansion’. March 30 is the day chosen for this expected title.

With the classic style of the adventures of LucasArts in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the video game by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick puts us in charge of five characters of the most varied that are somehow involved In a crime in a small town.

Two federal agents, some who had compared to the protagonists of File X, although Gilbert himself denied that he had been inspired by Mulder and Scully, will have before him the difficult task of extracting information from a varied repertoire of histrionic characters who promise to make us laugh as In the old times.

Thimbleweed Park will debut later on iOS and Android. Nor is it ruled out his arrival to Nintendo Switch, although at the moment has not been confirmed.

We will know the price of the title when we get a little closer to the day in which you see the light in digital format for Linux, Mac, PC and Xbox One. Later, this year, it will also reach mobile devices for iOS and Android.

As expected, we expect a good ration of graphic adventure in the style of old school. A lot of pixel art to tell a good handful of lugubrious stories full of black humor in a city where crime is habitual, where the clowns are sad and the circuses abandoned.

Incarnate a couple of detectives in the style of ‘X-Files’ try to solve a recent crime that does not seem to worry too much the deranged inhabitants of this city abandoned by God.

At the moment we do not know anything about a possible launch on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, it may depend on the success of the versions that go on sale next month.


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