This 3D printer uses clay to print objects

Clay XYZ

With ClayXYZ it will not be necessary to spend hours to turn clay into works of art. It is a 3D printer that is having quite a success in Kickstarter since it allows the use of clay to build all kinds of things, from vases and stories to architectural recreations. Best of all, when working with clay, users can reuse it to create new shapes as well.

In this campaign he says that he combines 3D printing with reusable natural material for the creation of intricate texture ceramic artwork. In this respect, they have a wide variety of models on their website that users can download in the printer and convert the clay to what they have chosen to print. In addition, the ClayXYZ design is designed so that it can be used by anyone without any prior difficulty.

Of course ClayXYZ can be used in different areas, from family to professional all the way through the educational field. As for the campaign at Kickstarter, it still has 54 more days so that the new sponsors can join through the different rewards available. Among this rewards there is one to have ClayXYZ extruders for 3D printers compatible with the FDM technology for those who already possess them.

In any case, remittance submissions will be sent in March next year. To date, the campaign has already achieved almost 500% of the target, which has been set at $ 10,000.

The uses of this 3D printer are enormous, all you have to do is imagine what you want made and you can have it made or at least a model of it just by using clay and this 3D printer. The most common example of it is to develop school projects or office project along with some medical uses.


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