This app transforms our mobile into a computer of the bicycle


In they present an application which can greatly help those who are used to cycling every day.

It is an app that wants to be transformed into the bike computer, showing information related to activity, position and other controlled variables that can be useful in day to day life, highlighting an alarm system that alerts you when an accident occurs and much more.

With a rather minimalist design, it shows statistics of the rides and activity feed and also offering a dark theme to save the battery.

The ‘Keep Me Safe’ function is responsible for alerting emergency contacts about the location of the accident, something that will only work when the phone is securely attached to a bicycle stand. The operation is simple, as with the sensors of the mobile it is possible to detect when there has been an accident.

Bike Computer, which works with almost all Bluetooth monitors for activity tracking, also has a system that allows synchronizing the walks with Strava in order to save our activities and to share them with friends. We can also share statistics directly from the app and even take photos from the walk and post them on Instagram or Facebook.

You should not forget about the map system for GPS navigation which comes in handy and it also makes it possible to find friends in real time. This way you can track friends in real time when cycling or meet them on the way if that’s what you planned for. Another great advantage is that, having GPS navigation system you can now explore new roads or shortcuts as you never have to worry about getting lost now.

The app is free but it includes some shopping inside. It is available for both iOS and Android.


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