This Case is a Moto Mod that Offers Wireless Charging to the Moto Z

Along with the launch of the Moto Z, Lenovo announced a development program in which anyone who wanted it and had the necessary knowledge could create their own Moto Mods, thanks to the kit provided by the company.

The first creations have been delayed several months, and few weeks ago we discovered what could be the first Moto Mods to reach the market officially. Today we can see in video one of the first and most useful modules created by the community.

Add wireless charging to the Moto Z

The Moto Mod we talked about today, which was developed by Mike Paukert and posted on video on his YouTube channel, consists of a wood-finished housing not much thicker than those marketed by Lenovo to customize the rear of the terminal, with the advantage that it will offer users the ability to charge their devices wirelessly using Qi technology.

Although the video shows how the casing needs to be connected to the charging port of the device with a cable, the creator ensures that in the final version of the Moto Mod, it will be connected directly to the specific pins of the terminal. In addition, the housing also offers an infrared sensor for the use of the device as if it were a remote control.

And the best of all? In addition to being one of the most useful Moto Mods available for Moto Z, it is one of the cheapest modules available today. It is already on sale on the Crowdsourcing platform, Indiegogo, for a price of $35 for the wireless-charged shell, and $45 for the fast-charged shell and infrared sensor. To date, the project has gotten $636 out of the 5,000 it needs to get ahead.


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