This Could Be The Design Of The New Nokia P1

A concept video shares some highlight about the design of the new Nokia P1. It is one of the most awaited smartphone of 2017 which comes with Android operating system.

Nokia is raising more expectation than we could initially believe, given the company’s slump in recent years. As we say, the huge amount of rumors and leaks around the Finnish house shows us the desire of the community to see it again in action.

Beyond the mid-range terminal that the company recently launched and sold out in just a few hours in the Chinese market, Nokia does not forget the high end, and has already confirmed the presentation of a flagship for this same year: the Nokia P1.

Today, we have had access to a conceptual video about what would be the star terminal of Nokia would look and incidentally leaves enough things to comment.

First, we would be facing a body with a metallic finish, with two touch buttons on the front flanking a fingerprint reader. At the bottom, a USB connector Type-C and a 3.5 mm jack. If we go to the side, we can see 3 buttons: one we assume for volume control, another for unlocking the terminal and the third, located on a lower level could be a button dedicated to the camera, in style of the terminals of Sony.

Finally, if we focus on the back side we see a single camera with triple flash. This could be a differential aspect in the photographic section if it is well implemented, although it is true that we will still have to wait until we can see them in operation.

If the photographic section of this new Nokia P1 is up to it, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, its 6 GB of RAM and a screen with resolution QuadHD, this terminal could be a rival to be taken into account by the high-end Android panorama. We’ll see what’s left, because both the specifications and the video do not come from an official source, which means that we cannot take them to the hundred percent sure about it.


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