This device allows communicating something discreetly to 30 meters of distance

Project Telepathy

Technology will never cease to amaze us about how far it can go. The new thing that comes from the University of Bristol is that they have developed a device which is in experimental phase that will allow anyone who uses it to communicate with another up to a distance of 30 meters without anyone else knowing what is being communicated. The recipient will receive the communication as if it was being whispered in his ear.

Of course, the person who is going to transmit the communication should wear the device that consists basically a loudspeaker and a series of electrodes. As noted in Newscientist, the person who is going to speak in the communication should put the speaker on the forehead or chest as well as four electrodes on the lips and jaw. By using electromyography, the electrodes will pick up the electrical signals produced by the facial muscles when the person speaks.

From here comes in the Artificial Intelligence so that with the automatic learning that has made possible the translation of electrical signals to words, having started for only 10 words like “back”, “stop”, “yes” and “no” among other. After the use of A.I. the words are recognized in high degree of success, and then the system has been paired to speakers that reproduce ultrasonic recordings of these words.

When the ultrasound is spread in a narrow range of about six degrees, all you have to do is point the person to whom you want to send the communication, receiving it up to a distance of 30 meters as if you were whispering it to them directly. This device is ideal for military use, among others.

From now on, they hope to perfect the system of this device to cover a greater range of words and reduce their physical complexity, perhaps becoming part of a specific suit.

Those who want to go deeper into this invention can have more information on this link.


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