This Firefox extension allows checking the security of a website

SSLPersonas firefox extension

There are many add-ons that act on the browser’s appearance to inform users about the security of a visited website. SSLPersonas is a clear example. In addition to indicating in the address bar whether the website is safe or not, it has a set of colors that describe the different states of the security of a web page.

Users will be able to help the padlock to check additional information related to existing certificates. With the departure in the light of numerous spies that have been carried out and the multitude of scams that are practiced daily, it seems evident that the users are becoming more and more aware that they must pay attention to these aspects. Without going further, the browsers themselves already inform the users in great detail, although additional help is never too much.

The evolution of web browsers is constant. In addition to reporting on the legitimacy of the addresses that are being accessed or blocking the download of files, now allows to inform the type of aspects that for many users is unknown.

SSLPersonal check web page security

Like other similar extensions, it is not overly intrusive and the user will not realize that he is using it. It simply adds visual improvements as far as security and understanding of it are concerned. As already mentioned, it will modify the color of the web browser interface, adapting it to the security of the web page that the user is visiting at that moment.

The color map available is as follows:

  • White: Access to websites that do not offer encrypted connections.
  • Default theme: Those websites that do not use either HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Blue: Standard Validation. Secure connection.
  • Green: Extended validation. Secure connection.
  • Purple: Notices about the certificate.

On paper, the appearance of green or blue when accessing a web page indicates that navigation and other activities on the website are secure. The remaining colors indicate some type of problem or alert related to the certificate used.

Is it worth using such extensions in web browsers?

For those who are very aware of everything that implies accessing a web page and surfing safely, it may not have much use. However, for those more clueless it is a good alternative when it comes to web education. That is, the user can know at all times thanks to the color used whether or not to enter the data requested in the forms of the website in which it is.

In the end it’s a matter of educating users. In spite of everything, there are many people who are still clueless surfing the Internet where this extension might help.

The SSLPersonas add-on can be obtained free of charge from the Mozilla Foundation web browser store.


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