This Free Extension Helps to Create and Customize Templates from Gmail

If you are a gmail user then his free extension can help you create templates and make your work easier. Regardless of whether you are dedicated to sales, customer service or human resources, we are sure that you are often forced to write the same types of emails over and over again. This is a task that can be quite heavy. Luckily, on the Internet we find different tools to facilitate it. This is the case of Templates for Gmail, a free tool to create and customize templates from Gmail.

Specifically, it is an extension for Google Chrome that we can use without leaving the inbox of Gmail, with all the advantages that are required. The idea is that we can create, customize and manage different templates with a few clicks, so we can stop typing the same emails over and over again with a template for each occasion.

For example, we could use ‘Templates for Gmail’ to create a template to thank a client for their trust, inform our employees about specific events or mail the steps to complete a routine process. In short, the possibilities are limitless. Finally, we take the opportunity to emphasize the simplicity of use of the extension, which has options to edit templates created previously and allows us to delete those that we no longer want to use.

Undoubtedly, it can be a tool of the most interesting for many of you, so we recommend you take a look. You can download the Templates for Gmail extension from the Chrome Web Store. Totally recommended.


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