This is Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle

\It’s not Valentine’s Day yet, but Google already has its Doodle as usual. This is a series of games telling the story of a pangolin in love. Pangolines are mammals covered with scales very similar to hedgehogs, but with scales in vee of spikes and more elongated. They are shy and lonely, and as Google explains in their Doodle they only relate to mate.

They are very curious animals that spend the day in their cave that by the way close inside the earth and do not usually share burrow, although in some cases they do. Valentine’s Day does not need explanation, because I suppose we will all know what day it is besides we will be tired these days with offers or lists of gifts.

We will have four missions to help the Pangolin

The Pangolin needs to reproduce, but first he must prepare a gift. We will have to collect pipes oo make a cake and to do this we will have to use the accelerometer and a button to jump, because we will have to dodge some things on the ground or jump steps. That is just the first mission, then we will have three more, where in each of them will learn something new about these animals, of course everything related to Valentine’s Day.

In the second mission we will have to learn a love song in India. We will have to run through the characteristic landscape and even swim. This map I like especially since there are water currents that make the level difficult, but not very heavy.

In the third mission we will travel to China, where we will have to learn a dance. Here we will have to balance ourselves on the typical Chinese paper lamps. Finally, in the fourth mission we will travel to the Philippines to collect flowers and make a bouquet.

This is a strange, but a cute Valentine ’s Day doodles which is updated on the Google home page of several countries. If your Google home page is not updated with this Doodle then wait for few hours, it will be available soon.


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