This Is How The New WatchOS 3.2 Theatre Mode Works

After the news of the new betas of iOS and macOS was missing the watchOS update to show us what it was that what features it would bring with its next version, and since yesterday we know it.

Apple released watchOS 3.2 for developers in its first beta and we have already tested its most outstanding new Theater Mode. It is a new feature that will silence and turn off the screen of your Apple Watch in those situations in which it is necessary, as in the cinema or while we sleep. Here’s how it works.

The usual setup of the Apple Watch includes the activation of the screen by the gesture of raising the arm and turning the wrist, that is, the gesture we all do to see the time. But the reality is that on many occasions without the intention of seeing the time or the screen of the clock the movement of our arm causes the screen to light up, which can be annoying in places like the cinema. For this, Apple has added the new “Theater Mode” which inactivates the screen, which will not light with any movement, but activates the vibration mode leaving the Apple Watch silent.

With this mode activated we will receive notifications, and we will also notice them by vibration, but to see them we will be forced to touch the screen or to press the crown of the Apple Watch, since we make the movement that we do not activate the screen. There are many situations of the day to day in which this new mode can be useful.

Apple will soon release a public version to everybody. In addition it is compatible with “Do Not Disturb” mode, so at night we can have our Apple Watch on our wrist without being bothered in any way, even when the screen is lit by accident.


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