This is Ninja Spinki Challenges, The New Game From the Creator of Flappy Bird

ninga spinki challenges

‘Ninja Spinki Challenges’ is the new game made by Dong Nguyen who previously had created the famous flappy bird game.

Two months ago we saw some new game images from the creator of Flappy Bird, however we still did not know what the game was going to be like or the exact launch date. The moment has arrived, Dong Nguyen launches his new creation called Ninja Spinki Challenges which has received a rating of 4.5/5 on Google Play Store.

In this new installment we will have to deal with a brave ninja who will have to face all kinds of obstacles. The game differs from Flappy Bird by the fact that it has six different mechanics that change the difficulty, not like the previous delivery that we were finally very repetitive.

Ninja Spinki Challenges

The dynamics of the game is simple, we will simply have to control our ninja by making moves by sliding our finger across the screen to prevent enemies from touching us. Our character is very fast and that facilitates the flight of enemies, but at the same time increases the difficulty as we advance in the challenges, since that speed will cause us to collide with them.

Ninja Spinki Challenges

The first challenges are survival mode in which we will have to endure only 10 seconds, a great gameplay for those who want to play a short game before going anywhere.

This is not the only move, the game developers have also thought about and have integrated more moves so that it does not end up becoming repetitive. On some occasions we will have to avoid enemies on a single axis, in other occasions in two, sometimes we will have to jump, shoot the enemies or avoid being eliminated by a cannon. At the beginning of each level you will always be explained the operation of the controls to get an idea of them.

However there is another unlimited mode that does not have a predetermined time, so here you will have to endure as long as possible as the difficulty increases progressively. The game is now available for free on Google Play.


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