This is the IMAX Virtual Reality Center in Los Angeles


We talked a few days ago that IMAX was opening a virtual reality center in Los Angeles, a project that will bring technology to those who do not have the VR glasses in their homes, offering the possibility to participate in games and experiences in general.

Now begins to appear the first videos showing how are the facilities and this time we show you one that summarizes in a short time.

As you can see, there are several rooms in which users pay about $7 per game for about 10 minutes. The rooms are for individual use, being possible, of course, to choose the type of activity desired.

When entering the IMAX VR room we ask for the type of game and we wait for the room to be free, room without doors, open to the public, so that everyone can see the strange movements that we make while reaching “invisible objects”.

From scenarios that we can discover in eagle sight to sports games (including boxing), through the always obligatory shooting games, they want users to better understand what can be done with Virtual Reality. It is a technology that is still far from to reach all the houses, but that does make a lot of sense in places of this type, where someone pays to play a few minutes to satisfy their curiosity.

So, if you live nearby or plan anytime to visit Los Angeles then you can visit the IMAX Virtual Reality Center for experiencing such games.


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