This is the New Google Maps Menu

The official Google blog announced new features in Google Maps, this time related to a new menu that will display information in real time.

This is an update of Google Maps on Android that will show specific information depending on where and when we are. When sliding the bottom we can see three new zones, one with places, another with navigation and another with public transport.

From places we can see recommendations of places to eat and drink, restaurants of all kinds that are close to us. We can also see useful areas such as ATMs, pharmacies, gas stations and supermarkets. Within this same tab it is possible to see a description of the neighborhood, ideal to know which areas are the most interesting.

In navigation we have access to data related to the time it will take to get home from work, for example, with data obtained in real time thanks to the traffic conditions that Google always knows. In this section we can select “start driving” to go directly to the navigation mode.

Finally, in the tab of public transport, we will have data with recommendations of which bus or train to get to get somewhere. If we already have registered the place of work and our house, it will show the information automatically.
The update has already begun to be distributed on Google Play, so we will soon have it on the mobile.


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