This Is The New Google Voice

google voice

Google Voice is a veteran communications service launched by Google in 2009 with the goal that users can have a phone number linked to them and not just a single device, enabling them to make international calls at low prices as well as the possibility to send free messages, among other benefits.

So far, the service has been feeling lazy compared to many other Google services, which have received more attention, that is, more updates and improvements over time.

Days ago it was revealed that Google Voice would receive an update, not only visually, as it would also incorporate new features. Well, that day has come, from today and during the next few weeks will launch the new version of Google Voice to all users, both on the web and through the mobile applications available for Android and iOS platforms.

The first thing that will catch your eye is its new, cleaner and more modern user interface, which allows you to have different types of well-organized communications, since each type now has its own tab: for texts, for calls and for voice messages . In addition, to facilitate the follow-up of the individual conversations, each of them can now be followed by their corresponding threads.

According to Google, you can now also participate in group, share photos, as well as publish responses in notifications. They are also releasing voice mail transcripts and other news. In fact, they will also work to bring more news in the future. In this sense, users using Google Voice through Hangouts will not need to switch to new applications, but if they do, they would benefit from the continuous improvements that Google promises to offer.

In this way, Google reinforces its communications applications allowing to make its default messaging service more like a multimedia messaging service thanks to support for the RCS standard. We will continue to focus on Hangouts which have been receiving enough updates since its launch in the middle of last year.


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