This is the new HP Chromebook focused on education

HP Chromebook

The chromebook is an excellent choice for academic use, as it prevents students from installing programs on the hard disk and gives more control to institutions about what can or can not be accessed from computers

Google knows this and is betting on the introduction of its ChromeBooks in schools. It gives more news that confirms a new HP Chromebook that will arrive in April.

Google is very interested in the education sector because of its potential and thanks to the Chromebook, they has managed to have greater presence. It has announced in its official blog, where it reports that the Chromebook has been the best selling device between laptops and tablets in Swedish schools during the past year.

Taking advantage of an article from Google itself talking about the quality of education in Sweden, they have introduced a new HP Chromebook that will go to the world of education to provide more technology to schools around the world.

The Chromebook X360 11 G1 Education Edition is a rugged, 360-degree convertible Chromebook that includes USB-C charging, good camera capabilities and a standard stylus. This convertible keeps the characteristics of any Chromebook being accessible, efficient and with the necessary functionalities for the sector to which it is directed, without disregarding other inherent peculiarities of the current technology.

It is notable for its world-facing camera that allows you to capture images and videos from all directions and is located near the keyboard, so that when the camera is folded the camera is facing out, the Chromebook itself can be used as if it were a tablet.

The stylus is low-end with a conventional pencil-like design, including eraser to correct errors and also does not need to be loaded. The launch date of the HP Chromebook will be mid-April.

They have not yet given much technical details about the new HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 Education Edition. The price has also not been reported or countries where it will initially be available, so we will have to wait in April to get to know the new protagonist.


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