This is the New Search Interface That Will Soon Arrive on Google Play

Google play search update

The search interface on Google Play is updated and with it Google continues to improve the user interface of the App store.

During these last weeks, Google Play, the Android application store has undergone a lot of aesthetic modifications, with which Google intends to improve the experience of users when it comes to downloading applications or purchasing services.

But the big G wants to continue improving the interface of its application store, and for this, has begun to release a new aesthetic change that some users have already begun to see in their devices.

As can be seen in the images provided by Android Police, the new search interface offers full application cards, so users do not have to access the page of the app in question before downloading, or simply to know about it.

Some applications related to the search will also appear on cards. For example, if the user searches for Google, the most downloaded applications, developed by the great G, or that may be related to the search will appear.

In each of the cards, we will have relevant information related to the application as the average score by the users, the total number of facilities or whether or not it includes advertising. We will also have the possibility to download or uninstall in case the application is downloaded- directly from the card.

As is usually normal in this type of changes at the server level, at the moment there are only a few users who can enjoy the new look of Google Play, although we assume it will take some time until all Android users can see these changes.

Have you already received the new Google Play interface? What do you think?


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