This is the price of the Samsung DeX and rest of the accessories of Galaxy S8

Samsung Dex price

Luckily, the leaks do not stop and now we have been able to know the future price of the Samsung DeX, the connection station that will turn the Galaxy S8 into a computer, in addition to other accessories of the expected smartphone.

With just a few days to present the new Samsung Galaxy S8, the leaks that are happening can already be described as massive. Unfortunately many of them are redundant and teach us aspects of the terminal that we already knew. In this case we have known the prices of all official accessories of the Samsung Galaxy S8, beyond those that had leaked so far, reaching a total of more than ten official accessories for the new terminal of the Koreans.

Samsung accessories price

The price for DeX with which we can convert the Samsung Galaxy S8 into a mini-computer will not be cheap, but not extremely expensive. If the leak is right, the Samsung DeX will cost between 100 and 150 dollars, a price that could be worth considering if we consider all the advantages that could be the workstation.

The Samsung DeX will presumably extend the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to monitors with 4K resolution, thanks to the USB type C port and its high speed connections. In addition, DeX also has two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet port and the possibility of wireless charging. It may ultimately be worth investing in the so-called Samsung Desktop eXperience.

There has also been leaked of the covers of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and its price could be surprising. The ClearView Standing Cover, which will allow you to place the device as if it were an alarm clock, will cost nothing more and nothing less than 60 euros, as well as the keyboard case.

On the other hand, there are also the traditional protectors, made of silicone, which will be sold by Samsung in a range of prices ranging from 13 to 30 euros. Fortunately, it seems that the Korean company has created a series of accessories that will go together with the DeX station, among which are a wireless charging base and 5.100 mAh slim external battery.

Samsung accessories price

Unfortunately, these accessories will also not be benevolent with your pocket, since the base load will cost 80 euros, while the external battery will cost 70 euros.

Official accessories of the Samsung Galaxy S8

Well, in this new filtration have been able to know the look and prices of up to eleven official accessories of Samsung Galaxy S8. The complete list of accessories and their prices is as follows:

  • Clear View case in six colors € 59.99.
  • LED View Case in six colors € 59.99.
  • Case with black keyboard 59,99 euros.
  • Alcantara case in four colors € 44.99.
  • Silicone case in five colors € 29.99.
  • Transparent covers in six colors € 19.99.
  • Cover 2 in eight colors € 19.99.
  • Screen Protector 12.99 EUR.
  • Wireless charger in two colors 79.99 euros.
  • Dock DeX in black 149.99 euros.
  • External battery of 5100 mAh in two colors 69.99 euros.

As you can see the filtration of prices is complete, and shows us all the accessories that will come with the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the time of launch. No doubt the great news is the DeX dock, while practically all the cases and covers that we can see in this list are the new versions of accessories and classic that arrives with each new generation of products of the Korean company.

Anyway, now just wait for the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ to know the official details about the expected smartphones.


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