This is the revamped Settings menu of Android O

Android O

Every time when a new update comes our operating system we take a joy and is that Google does not stop working on Android to make it work better and better. Android O is already available in preview version for Nexus and Pixel devices, while the rest of terminals will have to wait about a year to enjoy it.

Meanwhile, take a look at the revamped menu of Android settings, since they have changed a lot.

Settings menu of Android O:

setting menu Android O

Android O has arrived to stay, even in the form of a preview. The changes are not definitive, and the final version may be quite different from what we are seeing, since not everything ends up fitting us. As for the design, the lines move away from our beloved Material Design.

We have a few different lines in the settings, everything is still flat as in Android Nougat, but gives a different feeling. It has removed the totally useless side settings bar, which was no more than a duplicate of the list we found in the settings. Now everything is more compact, so you will find it easier to find any section of the phone without having to scroll so much.

We miss an accent color, since everything follows a gray/whitish line that leaves us a bit cold. Surely, when they decide the star color of Android O, they will put some accent so that the menus do not have so little visual load. The battery menu has also undergone a great redesign, although as we say, everything seems somewhat hard, due to the alpha phase of this Android version.

In short, Android O has undergone a major redesign in the settings menu, although we believe that none of this will be definitive, as we see much room for improvement. There is still plenty of time for the final release, where we will see how Android 8.0 will actually be at the design level. Tell us what you thought of this change in design, and if you like it more than the previous versions.


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