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Firefox faces one of the most important years in history. Conscious of losing the battle with Chrome and with Edge becoming more and more important, the Mozilla browser should be put to maximum performance as soon as possible. That is why, by the end of the year, Photon, the new and breakthrough Firefox design, will be released. Luckily, now we can see some captures of how it will look.

Mozilla plans to turn Firefox 57 into one of the most important versions ever released. This version will stop supporting the traditional extensions leaving only the new web extensions. In addition, and if this were not enough, it will be the version of Firefox that will have a new design which is completely groundbreaking.

Firefox 57 will arrive with Photon

Thanks to the conceptual designs released by Mozilla, we can imagine the final appearance of Photon in Firefox 57. Although it is possible that some changes with the arrival of the final version may not change too much as it is part of the update. Photon is the new design that has many new features.

The Firefox browser with Photon has a new menu that leaves out the current design with icons that has not finished convincing. In addition, it will offer us many more options to access different functions. The new menu looks as shown in the following image:

Firefox Photon 1

Another novelty is that we can show the sidebar on the right side and not only on the left as before. We will also have a new three-point icon in the address bar that will give us different possibilities like saving the page in favorites, saving in Pocket, copying URL, sending the address by email and much more. It looks like this:

Firefox Photon 2

Error pages are now different and have been redesigned from scratch with the new design in mind. Users with the Nightly version of Firefox can follow some steps to activate some brushstrokes of the new Photon design of the Mozilla browser. Some things may not work at all because of “work in process”:

  • Go to about: config
  • Search browser.photon.structure.enabled
  • Set the preference to “true”
  • Restart browser


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