This problem discovered in iPhone is capable of blocking Safari

This problem discovered in iPhone is capable of blocking Safari

A new ransomware campaign directly affects iOS and the Safari browser due to an iPhone problem. Fortunately with the launch of a new patch which iOS released yesterday, the vulnerability was solved but it does not fail to reveal how much it remains to be done to maintain the security of the user.

Researchers at Lookout, a mobile security provider, are the ones who discovered the problem and alerted Apple to fix it as soon as possible. The problem resembles those seen on PC and Mac as it involved the way Safari displayed JavaScript pop-ups while the exploit code was hosted on several websites causing an endless loop of windows to be viewed, basically preventing the use of the browser.

The attackers took advantage of this iPhone problem to threaten the victims with the only way they could get rid of annoying pop-ups and regain control of their browsers was to pay a fine in the form of iTunes gift card code which had to be delivered through a text message.

Recovering the control of Safari was actually quite simple since it only involved entering the device configuration and clearing the browser cache. However this was something serious as most unaware victims were exposed to this attack.

Bloggers Andrew Blaich and Jeremy Richards said,

“Attackers used fear as a factor to get what they wanted before the victim realized that there was little real risk.”

IOS 10.3 fixes the problem

This attack was able to replicate in the Safari application for iOS, but the abuse of pop-ups has come to an end with the release of the latest version of the operating system, iOS 10.3. Once the problem on iPhone was solved the researchers decided to publish their report to bring it to the attention of the technology community.

In addition to this security patch, the main novelty of iOS 10.3 is the arrival of Find My AirPods, a tool similar to Apple’s famous Find My Phone aimed at providing the user with the location of new headphones in case of theft or lost.


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