This tool allows you to import Medium posts to WordPress quickly

Import Medium post to wordpress

A new tool developed by Automattic helps you to easily import all your Medium posts to WordPress. A month ago we echoed the situation Medium is going through, the blogging platform launched in 2012 by Evan Williams and Biz Stone, co-founders of Twitter. It has not yet found the business model that allows it to offer its service in a sustainable way. Given the difficult scenario that has been found, from Medium they have chosen to change their approach to business.

The announcement of this change has caused concern in a number of publishers who until now used Medium as a platform for their publications. And it has been Automattic, the company behind WordPress, who has been collecting some of those concerns where they have seen a number of publishers who have expressed an interest in migrating their publications to Now, in response to this demand, Automattic have just launched a tool for importing Medium publications.

Automattic explains that firstly, these publishers and any other interested publisher will have to export their contents through the medium configuration options, receiving a .zip file with all the contents in an email message. Then go to the new import tool and drag the file or manually navigate to access it to load the platform. Once uploaded, it will be necessary to press continue to begin the process of adaptation of the contents in Medium to

This process will last about 15 minutes and at the end, the interested parties will receive a email about it. They will find that all their posts will be with their original tags and dates, and they will also keep the drafts they had in Medium as drafts on

Automattic also notes that it is possible to run the tools several times without duplicating the messages, allowing for new publications that have been incorporated in Medium. While there will be those who choose to stay in Medium, there will be others who opt for to know that this platform has a fairly defined business model.

Source: WordPress Blog


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