This website is an online museum of classic computers full of nostalgia

Although they are so integrated in our day to day, computers as we know them are not more than 50 years old, and the first user interfaces as we know them today arose only 35 years ago. Between 1970 and 1993 hundreds of computer models were presented, with a constant innovation that made the previous technology obsolete in a matter of a few years, whereas today a computer of 12 years can run Windows 10 perfectly.

A website that collects 150 of the most important computers in history launched between 1970 and 1993

For this reason, a web page ‘’ compiles a total of 150 computers from 1970 to 1993 that changed the industry, as well as other little known rarities. It is so difficult to put together all these units in a real museum. The website represents a digital museum in which we find all kinds of devices, from the HP-9830A and the Altair 8800 to the Commodore Amiga 600, the Apple I and Apple II etc

Almost all the 150 models mentioned in the list have a page detailing their hardware characteristics, year of launch, connectivity, etc. Almost all the chips have a great variety of photographs, both the external product and the internal, where we can compare how the integrated components of computers have evolved, and how the chips have been getting smaller.

In the left of the web page we find the computers listed in chronological order between 1970 and 1993. The computer’s list can be visualized in miniature, as they have a featured image to be able to see them more quickly, or in a single page where we can see the all photos without resorting to the vertical listing. Each of the computers with images has a small description associated with its history and historical relevance, as well as all the details of its hardware and its price when each computer went on sale (without Adjusting inflation).

Each of the models also details a historical description of the most important events of each company to see how the manufacture of their products evolved by year and months, and which were the successors of each.

In short, we find a part of recent history very conveniently summarized on this website, where we can learn a little more about how the computer industry evolved until the mid-1990s, when the Internet began to take off in the United States.


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