This will be the new 7-Zip 17, the new version of the OpenSource compressor


Often, when working with files downloaded from the Internet, mainly, we usually work with archives. A compressed archive is a package within which one or more files are grouped so that it can be distributed in a single package. In addition, it occupies space less than what it occupies when being decompressed. Today there are several file compressors, some paid and some free, but one of the most interesting projects in this area is 7-Zip.

7-Zip is a free cross-platform open source compressor that allows us to work comfortably and efficiently with all sorts of compressed files. This file compressor has its own algorithm, with its corresponding extension .7z, although its engine is compatible with the main file formats that we can find today.

Beyond the application as such, the greatest potential of this application lies in its engine, engine that has been adapted by a large number of different applications, such as PeaZip, much better known and used than 7-Zip. This compressor, moreover, is not characterized by receiving a large number of updates followed, but rather the opposite, and is that in the last 6 years this compressor has only received a few updates within its stable branch.

At the end of last week, 7-Zip managers released the first beta of the new 7-Zip 17, the new version of this file compressor that comes almost a year after the release of version 16, released in May year.

7 zip 17 beta

This new beta of 7-Zip 17 just brings great changes and new features compared to the last version 16.04, which, moreover, can be summarized in:

  • The decompression algorithm has been optimized.
  • Internal code changes.
  • Fixed bugs that could cause 7-Zip to crash unexpectedly.
  • Added a feature that reserves disk space before you start decompressing a file, reducing errors and fragmentation.

At the moment we do not even know if this new version of the compressor will leave “beta” or will remain as such, as in previous years, until the release of a future version. If you want to try it, you can download this new version from its main website, although, the truth, it is not worth it.

What file compressor should I use alternate to 7-Zip?

Because the maintenance and upgrades of this compressor are rather scarce, although the project is very important, in practice it is better to use other alternatives that have a much more continuous development.

When we talk about file compressors, one of those that will surely come to mind is WinRAR, the most widely used payment file compressor in the world. However, this is not the only one. WinZIP, the original compressor, is also one of the best known and used, compressor that, moreover, is currently in promotion and we can get, along with other 9 applications, for around than 15 dollars from the Humble Bundle.

In addition to these paid applications, we also have excellent free alternatives that allow us to work comfortably with compressed files, such as PeaZip, one of the best open source file compressors, and Bandizip, an excellent closed-source file compressor But totally free for all users.

The arrival of a new 7-Zip beta is very important because it shows that the software is not abandoned, but continues its development. It is still an open project that slowly continues to grow and face the two commercial alternatives that we have seen previously.


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