This will be the new Windows 10 Store with Fluent Design

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Although Windows 10 Creators Update has not reached all users yet, Microsoft has already started working on the next update of Windows 10, which will be known as “Fall Creators Update”. This new update will seek to correct some of the errors of the new version, but undoubtedly, its main novelty is its Fluent Design, the new look that Microsoft intends to establish as a standard in both the operating system theme and the different applications.

Even though the development is still very green and many aspects remain to be finalized such as the standards of this new Windows 10 appearance, Insider users have received a new and great update of the Windows Store 10 Fall Creators Update, an update that already allow us to see what will be the future of Windows 10.

This new update places the store in 11705.1000.78 version and brings with it the first serious and notable changes of Acrylic, the new aesthetic that wants to give shape to Fluent Design.

Calculator Windows 10 Fluent Design

As we can see, on one hand the Fluent Design seeks to establish a different appearance standard than the one tried to establish by Metro all the while trying to offer users a successor to the classic Windows 7 Aero theme, with shadows, transparencies and blurred backgrounds.

In addition to this new interface, the new Windows Store 10 Fall Creators Update will also have a series of very pleasant effects that shows a completely renewed and modern aesthetic.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Windows Store Acrylic Fluent Design

It is very likely that we still see great changes in this aesthetic before the new look of Windows 10 comes to us in upgrade mode. However, little by little, we can get an idea of how the new Windows 10 may look like.

Some applications already start to show “Fluent Design”, although for the moment it is a very abstract concept.

In addition to the changes in aesthetics that we have already begun to see in the store Windows Fall Creators Update, Acrylic, or at least small concepts of what will be this new interface and now we also get to see the same in some of the applications included by default in Windows 10, such as the calculator itself.

Some of the elements of the operating system itself are already implementing this new interface, such as the Configuration menu, which already gives us an idea of what the final version will be.

Although for now it is a long time before the arrival of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (by the end of September this year), it is good to see how Microsoft has already begun working on the new aesthetics of its update and does not leave things for the last moment.

As new releases of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update are released for users of the Insider program we can see how the new look promising us to bring us Fluent Design is taking shape and how it continues to receive some minor changes before its final release.

What do you think of Acrylic and the new design Fluent Design that will come with Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?


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