This Would be the Definitive Design of the LG G6


Following the confirmation by Samsung not to present the Galaxy S8 at the MWC 2017, LG has an unbeatable opportunity to reign this important telephony event that will take place at the end of coming February.

And is that today, the firm itself has confirmed that it will release its new flagship, the LG G6, on February 26.

But if there were few details to date on the new flagship of LG, today we have been able to see, thanks to The Verge, the first real image of the LG G6.

This would be the New LG G6


The first thing that surprises us when viewing this image is that the design of the frame surrounding the screen does not match the different leaks known so far. On the other hand, we can confirm that LG would have done a great job reducing the size of the screen frames, both the sides and the top.

In addition, LG would have decided to round the corners of the screen of the device, a movement not too common, but that has already been carried out by firms like Xiaomi with Mi Mix.

Thanks to the information known today, we can also confirm the inclusion of a 5.7-inch screen with QuadHD + resolution with curved edges, a format of 18: 9, and an occupancy rate of the front side higher than 90%, which will allow this large panel to be integrated into a compact body.

Among other details, LG has decided to eliminate once and for all the modular concept that defined the predecessor of this G6 that we will meet in February. In addition, the new flagship of LG will dispense with one of the most iconic details of the signature as was the removable battery, due to the choice of glass for the manufacture of its rear, which will allow the device to be water resistant.


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