Those responsible for ‘Injustice 2’ explain the system of armor

Injustice 2

One of the most talked about and perhaps most relevant novelties of ‘Injustice 2’ is its new armor system, which improves not only the aesthetic appearance of DC heroes and villains who play the game, but also four statistics such as strength, defense, health and skill.

Thanks to a test event of the game in the offices of NetherRealm in Chicago the GameSpot team has been able to bring out some relevant details copper how Ed Boon’s team is going to deal with such a dangerous system in a game that absolutely depends on the balance to either win or to fail.

Study leaders say there are several methods to deal with this system of armor. Since the hundreds of pieces that can be obtained can improve one of the mentioned abilities or the four at the same time and in a remarkable way. It will be activated measures so that the players can choose if they want to play with the improvements activated or deactivated in online clashes.

In addition there is also a system of levels that makes the characters more useful, so they will balance those differences when faced with players of different levels, so that the lower level will see their stats grow to be up to the top. This will not affect the armor so the difference will decrease but there will always be advantage of who has better armor.

Micropayments have also been positioned. At no time will they be able to buy equipment that will improve the characters with real money. Selling small quantities of cosmetic items has not been ruled out.


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