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Tinder will soon include Snapchat like features

Tinder to add Snapchat features

Tinder is one of the most important and recognized applications worldwide in the world of dating which has decided to award the main functionality of Snapchat to its app.

Update on 26th September 2018: An upcoming update for dating app Tinder will allow women to initiate all conversations with potential matches.

Tinder coming soon with Snapchat features

There is an interesting news for Dating lovers, One of the best dating app Tinder getting the features of Snapchat to makes it more interesting.

Unfortunately, Snapchat dug his own grave involuntarily. The developers of the application never imagined that other platforms were awarded their main function and make it vital for users.

Tinder new features: share videos, in the style of Snap, Instagram Stories and Facebook

Recently, Tinder announced that it is making agreements with a platform called Wheel, a startup that allows users to share videos, in the style of Snap and Instagram Stories and Facebook.

With this new tool, the application of the citations will try that solitary hearts have a new way of sharing who they are, how they look, as well as having greater confidence when seeing the content created by other users.

However, the terms of the contract have not yet been detailed, nor have they been announced, ie it is not known how much Tinder invested to get Wheel to annex by providing its functions. But it has been more than evident that there is a clear commitment to the inclusion of videos for the profile options and private chats in Tinder.

Wheel focuses on doing the same thing as Snapchat with some small software differences. However, they never managed to convince the users, something that Snapchat did manage to do giving and specifying the benefits of transmitting ephemeral videos.

Even the startup tried to be in the App Store, but never had the required success. Perhaps for that reason Tinder saw a niche of opportunity in acquiring a business that does exactly the same thing as a world-renowned application, but for a much lower price.

Tinder has grown significantly, as last year the company reported that 1.7 million users pay for the premium version that has more features and benefits for those who own the application, further facilitating interaction with more people.

We do not know if this is the best of ideas, but it is a fact that users could spend more time on the platform and watch the activities of strangers.

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