Tomorrow Hideo Kojima Will Be Seen Live On Youtube With Greg Miller

Greg Miller has just shared on a picture on Twitter where they are seen Playing 1-2 Switch on Nintendo Switch. One important news is that tomorrow both of them will be live on youtube for two hours where you will see them together playing some titles.

Just today we are an exact month behind the official launch of Nintendo Switch, the next platform of Nintendo called to replace its current console and offer new possibilities to users between portable and desktop worlds. Various events, presentations and press release are taking place during this launch, among which Hideo Kojima, who has already been able to try first-hand the possibilities of the device next to Greg Miller, better known in his role as a youtuber through the channel Kinda Funny.

Testing the launch titles

It was the youtuber himself who gave this fact through his personal account on Twitter, since Miller will perform a live video with Kojima for 2 hours on February 4. As a prelude they have decided to try together some of the first titles that will arrive at the platform, starting with the expected ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ and finishing with other simpler games like we can see right under these lines.

Miller and Kojima have been able to try it first hand, ‘1-2 Switch’, a title reminiscent of the first projects to be seen in the first Nintendo Wii, although this time everything is more simplified, including the mini game of western duels between cowboys. Hence the two of them wear their respective hats typical of this type of adventures. As you can see in the image Kojima himself does not hesitate to advertise on his t-shirt the game that despite being a title that will not reach the Nintendo Switch at the time it hits the market.

Despite the initial reluctance, in some markets the reservations of Nintendo Switch have already marked the breaking of stock, despite the fact that at the time of its launch the catalog available to many users seems to be limited and they will not be able to enjoy the different demos or titles in pack, as it has occurred on other occasions with other platforms.


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