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Top 10 Games in Top Trends of Google News

After a hectic day what do you do for recreation? Some love to watch T.V, reading books and playing outdoor games etc. But a huge group of people amuse themselves by playing online games. There are variety of games available in online world. Different type of games like puzzle, action games and many more available for entertaining you. Its your choice what kind of game you want to play so for your ease here is a brief description of top 10 games of google trends, analyse them and pick the best one for you.


Imagine you are sleeping freely and suddenly a wild storm occurs, what will you do in that condition? 98% of population have vanished and some dangerous creatures are trying to kill rest population. Fortnite is a sandbox continuance game designed by Epic Games. It was released on 25 July, 2017. You can enjoy it on various platforms such as microsoft windows, macOS, play station 4 and Xbox one. On initial stage you have to pay for playing it and its free version will come in upcoming days.

Fortnite settles in concurrent Earth where a surprised storm comes and almost 98% of people invisible during this. Horrible individuals occurs to attack the rest ones. In fortnite game 4 human beings left and you have to help them for surviving. You have to help them in finding resources and defending objects for fighting against the storm and zombies. You will co-operate the 4 players for creating maps and clear different missions. You will be rewarded for upgrading your characters and promoting your team.

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Amazing features of Fortnite

Before downloading it you must be aware of its wonderful features. Take a look before diving into its magic:

  • Fortnite comes with various types of cosmetics and skins for styling your weapons. Different styles have different cost.
  • For completing your battle runway you can buy dances and emotes.
  • Amazing gliders available on daily, weekly and seasonal basis for different cost.
  • A battle bus
  • 100 player PVP mode


I love playing cards. When online games was not so popular, people recreate them by playing cards. Patience is the card style game which is played by a single player. It is known in Canada and US as solitaire. In this game you have to arrange cards in such manner so that you make a score.

In this game the table has seven columns and first columns accommodate one card, second has two and third three and so on. You have to place them in a manner, top card face up and rest face down. There is a variety of arrangements for playing patience. Your skills will definitely build by playing this as it has very complex rule. For winning you have to make four blocks of cards.

Its primary versions comes with microsoft windows. There are six exclusive card games, you can download them for free of cost. Variety of applications also available for android and iOS.

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Features of Patience

Wanna know about its promising features? take a sight below and figure out its specialities:

  • You can test your patience here as its name shows
  • For more amusement provides three types of cards:Klondike, classic solitaire and freecell
  • Based on traditional card game and considered as intelligent game

Snake game

Now a days games are becoming more complex. In old days we play simple games. If you are looking for a retro game then Snake game is a best option for you. Although it is a easy game but considered as an addictive game.

In snake game you will get the variety of 3d snakes and you have to increase their size. It multiplies your mental power and finger activity. You have to control dots or any kind of object on a plane surface. By moving ahead it leaves a tail which looks like a snake. There may be a allotted position for its end in some games. If the snake gets out of the border then you will be out.

There are two alternate versions, first one is two player game and a variety of snakes available. Every player have to block the other player. The second one is a single player game and you have to eat items with snake’s head. As you eat more item the snake become more longer.

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Features of Snake Game

  • Different boosters for upgrading you
  • Different ways to play
  • Four types of world like: classic snake, retro snake, snake master and snake on steroids
  • Memorise your old memories

Sea Of Thieves

Getting bored by playing puzzles, retro games so its time to fill with some adventure. Adventurous games are the most demanding games. Specially kids love to play adventurous games. Sea of thieves is a action video game and loaded with adventure for energising you. It was designed by Rare and  released on 20 March 2018 for selected countries.

It was presented for widows 10 Xbox one. In this game you get a chance to play the role of sea robber and you can play this game solo or a group of four players. In sea of thieves you traverse  an open world with a pirate ship and you have to do different tasks such as guiding, navigating and operate mounted guns. In starting you will enjoy wonder and mystery. Hats off to Rare for detailing the beauty of nature. With every move you will be curious about upcoming mystery.

When fighting explode you have to guide, repair holes and many more things. Game is full of inventing opportunities and you get coins by completing every mission. You have to boodle other ships and rush to a skeleton fort which is full of gold. In the starting of game you will get two weapons. Thus sea of thieves is full of stunts and you will really enjoy it.

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Features of Sea Of Thieves

Before becoming a pirate take a look on its wonderful features:

  • Game offers two features solo and co-operative.
  • Ship to ship fighting for more adventour.
  • Murdering skeletons
  • Ships are available for 1, 2 or 4 people
  • Character personalization

Scrabble Game

After getting adventour its time to stretch your mind by playing some logic games. These games gives us knowledge with fun. Scrabble game is based on word building. It is a crossword game. Scrabble was developed by Mattel and Hasbro. Game is available in 29 languages.

In scrabble you have to made words by placing tiles on a board. The tiles placed in such manner so that it form a word. For getting extra time you have to score points. Your motive is to utilize all the 64 letters before the time over. I love scrabble game and it have become my addiction. Two or Four player can play this game on a square board. If you get bonus points, you will get premium squares for placing letters. Scrabble is an ideal game for board game lovers and also for them who wants to play in groups.

If you want to spend some quality hours with your family and friends then scrabble is a perfect platform for you. Doesn’t matter you are at home or at friend’s house, you can any moment more interesting with this.

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Features of Scrabble

  • If you don’t like letters you have been provided, you can exchange them.
  • You can restart game by clicking New Game button.
  • If you are unable to make a word then you can click Mix Up button.

Overwatch Game

Action games are full of thrill and excitement so people love to play action games. Another reason of playing action game is that in such type of games you play the role of a warrior that encourage you to play. I am here with another action game for thrilling and entertain you. Overwatch is a Multiplayer shooting game and based on team spirit.

It was created by Bizzard Entertainment and launched on 24 May 2016. Initially it was released for Playstation, Xbox 4 and windows. In overwatch two teams are made and each team contains six players. Role of players are divided into three groups. Game increase you team spirit as you have to work in a team for securing control point in a fixed amount of time. For more recreation, players get honoured with character skin and victory poses.

Overwatch provide you the variety of game modes and you can select your favourite character from two-dozen pre made characters. There are three types of heroes:Tank heros, support heroes and damage heroes. You are free to change your character during the game. Overall Overwatch is a unique game and you must give it a try.

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Features of Overwatch

  • Game provide you specific maps with unique victory conditions.
  • There are three types of game modes: occasional play, competitive ranked play and overwatch league.
  • Loot boxes to customize your character
  • Promotes team spirit

Ark Survival Evolved Game

Suppose you are in a world which is full of ancient wild animals, how will you survive there? Only imagination can scare you but don’t take tension we are not taking you in the era of historic animals.We are just introduce you with our next game Ark Survival Evolved, action adventures video game.

It was designed by Studio Wildcard and released in August 2017. Initially it was released for Playstation 4, Xbox one, windows, linux and OS X. Later in June 2018 it was released for Android and ios. In Ark Survival you have to survive on a Island which is full of Dinosaurs, ancient animals, natural threats and aggressive human players. It is a open world game and you have to steer on foot or ride on animals.

For playing this game your phone should have 3 GB RAM. Here you will meet variety of dinosaurs and creatures, catch them and make them pet for survival. You have to find out tools for housing and hunting. You can make groups with your friends and work together for surviving.

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Features of Ark Survival Evolved

  •   Improve your strategy skill as you have to tame, ride and breed the dangerous dinosaurs.
  • Also encourage your craft skills because you have to make weapons, clothes, colonies and cities.
  • Game provide you two modes, single and multiplayer. Its your choice you want to hunt alone or in a group.
  • Tribe system teach you to live in groups.

Pokemon Go

Now come to the virtual world of pokemons. These creatures different shapes and can’t speak. They are commanded by their trainers. Pokemon Go is a reality game developed by Niantic. It was designed for Android and iOs. It is a location based game and released on July 6, 2016. Pokemon Go is the free game but for additional game items you have to pay.

After getting game account, you are free to make your own characters called Pokemons. This pokemon display on a map according to your location. It moves according to you. When you move through your surroundings, pokemon moves within the game’s map. You can connect with the players around the world .

Pokemon Go is considered as Best Mobile Game and it has been downloaded over 800 million times. There are variety of pokemons called Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu and you have to discover them. If you are walking somewhere and here a pokemon exists, your mobile phone will vibrate. Catch it by throwing Poke ball. If you are searching for water type pokemons then you have to go near lakes and ponds.

In short Pokemon Go is one of the best mobile games and it is hugely popular among kids. There are lots of features in Pokemon Go, enjoy them.

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Features Of Pokemon Go

  • Team leaders available for guiding the player
  • More easter eggs
  • Modified tools to track pokemon
  • You can enjoy it with your friends with pokemon battle with friends
  • Reality based game and you can feel pokemon in real world

 Egg Hunt Game

After discussing puzzles, cards, action and adventures its time to explore a totally childish game known as Egg hunt. In egg hunt eggs are decorated and hide in a secret place then ask children to find out. Synthetic eggs are used and filled with chocolates and toffees. This is a outdoor game but you can play it indoor. When children find out the eggs then prize distribution takes place.

You can play this game on chrome, Firefox,opera and safari and also available for ios devices. There are different ideas according to age groups. Children and adults can play this with various ways.

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Well….all the games have different specifications. Games are the medium of refreshment as well as stimulate your mind. Its all your choice what type of game you would like to play. I have described all the top 10 trending games and you must give a try these games. Still have any question regarding all these games, comment below and also share your experience if you ever played any of these games.


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