Top Trending Android App on Vidmate

The Internet is the need of today and we all depend on it. In old days we used Radios and tape recorders for listening to music. Today there are tons of apps which allows you to listen to your favorite music piece. Among them, Vidmate is one of the popular apps which permits you to download videos and songs from various online services like youtube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Tumblr and lots more.

With Vidmate you can also download apps and games for your android devices. Undoubtedly Vidmate is the best tool for installing your desired apps with fast downloading speed. In this article, I will describe the top 6 trending apps of Vidmate.

Trending Apps of 2018 on Vidmate

Apps are the ornaments of our Android device and without these apps, our smartphone will look like an empty box. If you want to fill your device’s memory with the best apps then take a look below and observe the trending apps on Vidmate:


9apps, a well-known app and also the substitute of Google play store. All the apps you want to install are available here with premium quality. It is attributed with unique features so it is quite popular in India. You can easily download it through Vidmate. You can download videos, songs, movies, games, wallpapers, and apps straight to your device which has the availability of 9 Apps. 9 Apps was founded in 1999 by a Chinese company.

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If you want to install the best apps for free for then 9 Apps is the handiest tool. There are different categories for your ease you have to just choose the category of your app and then install. 9 Apps is available in 14 languages and it supports all operating android systems with the least implied requirement of 2.3.3, 2.3.4 or higher. 9 Apps is also called as mini play store. This app doesn’t need a large room for it because it is only 2.7 MB.

Bigo Live

Wanna broadcast your personal videos and interact with people then Bigo Live is the best app for you. This app is specially developed for adult users. Bigo Live was released on 24th March 2017 but its latest update available on Vidmate. Bigo Live has about 200 Million users across the world.

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If you want to see the live performances of capable artists and also wish to upload your live videos, this is the best app for you. This is the finest medium to come in limelight and it also gives you the chance to participate in an online quiz with thousands of other players. You can win money if you answered all 12 questions correctly. This app comes with some eye-catching features these are:

  • Share your moments with Bigo Live.
  • Enjoy the tons of live videos with it.
  • With Multi Guest Room you can make a video chat or audio chat with your online friends.
  • You can also find nearby people through nearby live streaming.
  • By showing your brilliance you can increase your followers, get gifts and interchange with cash.

Vigo Lite

If you are a fun freak and like to watch funny videos then Vigo Lite surely amuse you. Vigo Lite is an app which is full of short humorous videos for making you laugh. Vigo Lite categorized all the videos which are:

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  • Comedy
  • Expertise(singing, dancing, guitar and lots more)
  • Trends and beauty
  • Personal recollections
  • Animals videos

Vigo lite’s algorithm works according to your taste and it customizes videos according to your videos. You enjoy videos in HD quality and Vigo lite is considered the most powerful HD video app for Android devices. So create your videos while dancing, cooking, driving even dishwashing utensils, whatever you want to make. You can also share videos with your loved ones through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger etc. You can easily download this app via Vidmate.

Like App

Let’s discuss another fun video making app, Like. This is the best platform which permits you to connect and play with youths across the world. Get set ready for showing your potential with tons of amazing effects, Enjoy one tap Sci-fi effects. If you want to make your own identity among your social groups then be the part of Like with unique effects video creator, play with numerous taste-makers across the world and explore something new daily.

Like is currently available in 23 languages. Its magic features are given below:

  • Make your videos with amazing music filters.
  • Like comes with tons of dialogue material and just acting and lipsync for making videos.
  • 10 types of superpowers available for creating innovative videos.
  • More than 50 magical effects like heart, fire, rain, stardust and lots more.
  • Face stickers.
  • Amazing live feature.
  • Use Boom to make videos like Hollywood stunts.
  • Beauty filter to make you attractive.


If you are looking for a fast and easy app to download music and videos from youtube, Snaptube is the great option for you. If you are a music lover and enjoy music while offline then SnapTube provides you with easy and fast downloading experience. This app comes with numerous explore options and it has different categories for your ease.

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Just type the name of the desired video and song in the search bar and play or download video straight to your device. If you are downloading a song then you can download only audio. You can also select the quality of video on the basis of your device memory. Its latest version allows you to download videos from Facebook and Instagram also. Just go to Vidmate and download this amazing app for your android device.

Kwai App

Make videos and upload them on social networks, has become the craze nowadays. There are multiple video making apps which allows you to create and edit videos. Among them, Kwai is the handiest tool to take your videos to the next level. Kwai provides you innovative editing technique with which you can make unique tiny videos. Kwai is a free app which comes without annoying Ads.

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More than 800 million users are enjoying Kwai all over the world. If you want to be the short videos creator and also want to make followers then Kwai is the best choice for you.

  • Huge variety of live and spirited filters.
  • Extensive video editing tool to cut, sync and tie-up footage.
  • Lip Sync feature to imitate your desired dramas and actors.
  • Tons of stickers and fonts.
  • Hot videos.
  • Comedy videos.
  • Funny videos of animals.

Well, Vidmate provides all the best apps with innovative and fast downloading experience. If you want to fill your device’s memory with the latest apps then Vidmate is the best medium to do so. Give it a try. Above I explained top trending Vidmate apps and now its your turn to choose wisely. Still have any query regarding these apps then comment below. Also, share your experiences if you have ever used any of these apps.







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