‘Topics’ Google Plus gets a new area to collect collections and communities

Google Plus Topics

Google’s Google Plus network not only consist of the stream with contributions of the followed users but also offers some other interest-based areas like the communities and for some time now the collections as well. In order to put them further in the foreground, developers have announced ‘topics’ in which the last two are collected and broken down according to interests.

One would think that it is a bit difficult to bring order in a social network or a user-managed stream but Google Plus offers a range of solutions to make it and as much of its content as possible as a ‘network of interests’ position. With the collections you are already able to bring some order in the stream and now this will help users to discover these collections.

In order to help user discover interesting collections and community, the ‘Topics’ are now being rolled out. These are generated automatically or by an editorial team and each have a title based on the field of interest. If you open such a topic, a new overview is displayed. On the left-hand side of the page, you’ll find a list of all the collections and communities that are contained in the mainstream and all the contributions from those areas as well.

An overview of all the topics is not available in the menu currently, because they are directly suggested to the user in the stream based on their interests. According to the announcement, currently there are several hundreds of topics in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The arrival of German topics is still unknown. Whether or not this is beneficial to the overview and for the deeper entrance in the world of network is still unknown.

google plus topics


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